That River That Flows in You, Also Flows in Me

That River That Flows in You, Also Flows in Me

The rivers of life flow through each being

They are rivers of energy, synergy and seeing

Rivers of light, shimmering with radiance

Slow down, look inside, be patient

Like the Guadalupe and Comal they merge

Like the Ganges and Yamuna they surge

Float on currents of grace

Ashes of holy men in Varanasi co-mingle

with George Harrison – the Beatle

Tantra says “yes to life,” music for the soul

Yes to ecstatic Rock and Roll

For even Journey is on a journey

of forgiveness and introspection

Was it a sage or Steve Perry who sang “Don’t stop believin”?

If we are spiritual beings having a human experience

then we are all one big Electric Light Orchestra

and ELO, and we glow, luminous, bright

We see the light to shine the light

At first we think, I am nothing like you –

we grow to think, I am somewhat like you

Realization occurs, I am exactly like you

Yes – the river that flows in me, flows in you

and Joan Baez sings on – her protest song

because we need it now more than ever.