Setting an Intention

Setting an Intentionamaste9n
Take your yoga beyond a practice just for the body by infusing your practice with an intention.

At the beginning of class or your practice at home ask yourself “why I am practicing today”? Your answer may be related to your body (to release the tightness in your hip), to your mind (to let go of stress), or to your soul (to listen to the calling in my heart to change something in my life). Your answer turns into your intention for your practice as your re-define it to say something like these examples: May my practice today be dedicated to………relieving my physical suffering, releasing my stressful negative thoughts, or expanding my awareness to how I really feel about a situation I am dealing with.  An intention connects you to your heart by putting deeper significance behind why you practice. Your intention might also be to dedicate your practice to someone else or to a greater cause.

With intention your yoga practice becomes a prayer in motion. Each movement, breath and pose are connected to your intention and purpose for practicing. Your body reflects your longing to open to grace. intention helps you connect your body, mind and soul as poses become offerings within a moving benediction.
This reading from Terma Collective expresses this calling of your heart for deeper meaning.
What in your life is calling you, 
when all the noise is silenced, 
the meetings adjourned, 
the lists laid aside, 
and the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark forest, 
what still pulls your soul?
In the silence between your heartbeats hides a summons, 
Do you hear it?
Name it if you must, 
or leave it forever nameless, 
but why pretend it is not there?
What is calling your soul?
Jane Goldstein
-Two Hearts Yoga Studio
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