Devotion in Motion

Earlier this month I traveled to Lenox, Massachusetts for an amazing workshop: “Devotion in Motion: A Transformational Journey through the Narada Bhakti Sutra” with Todd Norian (founder of Ashaya yoga) and Dr. William Mahony (author of the book Exquisite Love). Our exploration began with Dr. Mahony guiding us through the deeper meanings behind Bhakti Yoga as a mind-body practice of participating in and sharing love. Todd Norian weaved the philosophy of the Narada Bhakti Sutra into our yoga practice in the special way that only Todd can do. This asana practice, like all asana practices, ultimately leads you back to your truest heart. Yoga becomes a practice of “devotion in motion” as your heart reveals the inherent love that resides inside you at all times. To “open your heart” in your practice is to awaken to that place of love within you.
Two Hearts Yoga Studio‘s theme for 2014 is Tone Your Body, Quite Your Mind and Honor Your Soul. As a Bhakta, one who practices Bhakti yoga, you tone your body with an embrace from your muscles, quiet your mind with positive thoughts for yourself and others, and honor your soul by opening your heart to reveal the power of love from within. Transformation occurs when body, mind and soul are joined in union in your asana practice.
A poem from Danna Faulds.
Within us lie the answers
to our deepest questions
and the antidote for all
our fears. The divine
is not an abstraction – it’s
as clear and intimate as a
heartbeat or a whisper
We are penetrated, suffused,
caressed, cell by cell and
synapse by synapse, with
the same love that set
the galaxies to spinning
No matter how identified
we’ve become with mind
and body, we can release
the thoughts that blind us
to the truth. Seek the still
point where the words “you”
and “I” loose meaning, where
we meet and merge as One.
–  Danna Faulds
When you practice yoga, seek within you the same love that set the galaxies to spinning.
Jane Goldstein, M.S.
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