Unveil Your Inner Greatness: Thoughts, Pictures and Videos from Charly Pivert’s Hands on Adjusting Workshop

Unveil Your Inner Greatness
We were very honored to host Charly Pivert from Austin’s Heart and Soul Yoga this past weekend for his workshop, “The Three A’s of Assisting: Awareness, Anatomy and Action”.  Charly reminded each of us that to be a yogi and also to be a yoga teacher is a remembrance of Om Nama Shivaya, everything is Consciousness and Consciousness is  bliss (ananda). When we practice yoga we recall our inner goodness again and again. Yoga practice helps you know and delight in in the knowledge of your own intrinsic goodness. When a teacher assists a student in a pose it is to help the student learn what to do while they are in the yoga pose so they can experience ananda each time they practice. As a student receive this assistance as an awakening of awareness.  Let go of thoughts and feelings of unworthiness that your pose is not good enough or that you are being “corrected” and instead use this opportunity for growth and transformation. Yoga is a process of unveiling your inner greatness. 

Jane Goldstein, M.S.

To see videos of Charly’s Adjusting TIps on a variety of poses  visit Two Hearts Yoga Studio’s YouTube Channel or click on the links below:









DSC05369 DSC05374 DSC05376 DSC05377 DSC05380 DSC05385 DSC05395 DSC05397 DSC05402 DSC05405 DSC05424 DSC05431


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