Honor Your Soul Through Yoga

This fall our Saturday classes have been renamed to “Quiet your mind, tone your body, honor your soul”. We begin class with a 5 minute segment of quieting your mind then proceed to the heart of the asana practice emphasizing the “toning” or muscular energy aspects of the poses. Throughout class you are invited to take a deeper look at what it means to honor your soul. The following poem was inspired by my own introspection for what it means to me. Try reading this poem aloud at the beginning of your next practice then add your own words as you feel inspired.

Peace, Jane Goldstein

Yoga: A practice for your soul
by Jane Goldstein

I am pure energy
I am radiant light

I am vibrant, like a sunny day
and quiet, like the sky at night

I am more than my thoughts and words can express
I am compassion in the form of tenderness

I am warrior spirit, with strength and might
I am feelings of love when no one’s in sight

When I practice, I deeply honor my soul
In ways that only I can know

I stretch and tone and embrace
I leave behind the rat race

For moments, I catch a glimpse of Truth
I am not this aging body or my youth

Diving deep into my being I quiet my mind
A peaceful soul is what I find.


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