Warm up Sequence for Destiny Poses

Blanket under spine with feet on mat

1. Bridge lifts 10x =30 secs (about 5 breaths)

2. Spinal rocking front to back 10x =30 secs

3. Bridge roll ups 5x =60 secs

4. Spinal rocking side to side 10x =30 secs

5. Hamstring stretches (bicycles circles, bend & straighten, straight leg holds, straight leg switches, wide leg options, double leg options) 60 seconds per side

6. Full body stretch with straight legs and arms overhead

7. Side lying thigh stretches (1. heel to buttocks. 2. bow with heel away from buttocks)Twist with straight leg extension between each thigh stretch. Facing the back of the room

8. Sphinx pose (or cobra)

9. Forearm plank hold for core strength. Hold for 10 breaths

10. Revolved child’s pose, “Twisted child”, Parivrtta balasana Fold blanket back to expose end of mat and make a knee pad

11. Down Dog (or puppy pose)

12. Step your left foot forward into lunge, lower back knee into anjanay asana

13. Turbo pigeon (stretch hip by rolling toward outer foot) Turn to face side wall

14. Wide angle forward bend. Turn to face front wall, lunge, lower back knee into anjanay asana

15. Turbo pigeon, second side

16. Step forward into standing splits, Switch legs for other side.

17. Forward bend

18. Rise to standing into mountain pose.

Practice your destiny pose here or whatever poses you are focusing on for the day.

If you end standing, do Chinese drum and forward bend.

If you end on the floor, do windshield wipers and knees to chest.

Savasana, final relaxation.

Follow your dreams and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.


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