Rodeo Yoga: Ashaya Yoga’s third essential: Align

Rodeo Yoga 2/14/15 Saturday

Ashaya Yoga’s third essential: Align

It’s Rodeo time in San Antonio so lets round up our yogi friends the rodeo clown, the gun slinger and the cowboy to helps us learn about the third essential in Ashaya Yoga, Align.

“Align” in Ashaya Yoga has three primary components:

1. Pelvic integration

2. Thoracic integration

3. Core integration

Our focus today is on pelvic integration which includes thighs back, tailbone in, and finding the dynamic balance between the two. One anatomical landmark that is important is T12, your 12th vertebra in your thoracic spine. It is located just above L1, the first of your lumbar vertebra. Rodeo clown position is when you take your thighs and rotate them in, move them back and apart. Like a rodeo clown with his suspenders just a little too tight on the back side. He has a big inward curve in his low back and his pelvis is rotated forward. Playfulness is his biggest asset.

Gun slinger position has gone the other way. Not only has he taken his tailbone in but he has lost the thigh placement and now the thighs are turned out, pushed forward and pulled together. Gun slinger walks into town with his tail tucked under and pelvis forward to show off his double holster with a gun on each thighbone (water guns for this yogi). His stingiest quality is courage. Cowboy is who we want to model ourselves after. He has found the perfect balance between the Rodeo clown posture and the Gun slinger posture. He takes his thighs in, back and apart then holds onto that position as he slides his tailbone into place, which is down from T12 and forward. He also has other great yogi qualities since he is kind, honest, and genuine.

The movements come all the way down from T12 to the heels and are not just simply from the thighs. (Shins stay vertical) Once the thighs are in back and apart they stay there while your scoop your tailbone forward toward your pubic bone. This tailbone action creates a resistance that prevents the thighs from moving out, forward and together.

When these actions are in balance you have a low back curve that also has length and mula bandha occurs (the root lock at the Find balance in your body, find balance in your life.Alignment helps you find balance in your body and reminds you of the importance of finding balance in your life. We need both the playfulness of the rodeo clown in our life and the courage of thegun slinger but not too much of either. To live our lives in balance is to be the cowboy who rides off into the sunset.


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