Countdown to India: 15 Weeks to my Spiritual Pilgrimage

Countdown to India: 15 Weeks to my Spiritual Pilgrimage


This fall my Saturday classes will be a series I am calling “Countdown to India”. In 15 weeks I will be heading to India on a Spiritual journey with one of the philosophy scholars that I study with, Douglas Brooks ( Our destination is to visit temples in Southern India, it is best described by Dr. Brooks like this:

“a fantastic journey to the abodes of the gods to experience the rituals and Darshan of the living temples of South India. Each day we immerse ourselves in the culture by participating in the rituals and everyday lives of our hosts in their temples, in their villages and in their homes.”

Darshan is the opportunity to see a holy person or the image of a deity. It is also the bestowal of love, light and grace.

This countdown to India is an invitation for you to join me on your own spiritual journey into the depth of your heart. You don’t have to travel to India to be a spiritual seeker. Your pilgrimage may take you into nature, onto your yoga mat or meditation cushion or even land you in the pages of a gratitude journal. Our journey begins with a contemplation on spirituality. This is my favorite definition of spirituality. I have it hanging in my kitchen where I see it daily. The author is unknown to me but the words speak directly to my heart.

Spirituality is an awareness of a ventured personal path toward a greater significance. No set route exists for this path. It is mapped according to ones life experiences, beliefs and emotions. It is the realization that what we are transcends this physical body and that our potential extends beyond physical capabilities.

Spirituality brings with it perspective, knowledge, understanding, and compassion. Once we acknowledge a greater significance, our journey through life is made simpler and more meaningful. Ultimately, we realize that our quest for a full and happy life begins and ends in us.

Peace, Jane Goldstein, M.S.


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